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How do we achieve results?

We use the A.P.E.C. System:

A = Analyze
Analyzing your goals and how to achieve it from your companies view point and the clients view point. Develop a strategy and a checklist.

P = Plan
We set up a plan, put your ideas on paper and think what structure you want to build, how to interlink, where to set up adds and products. How to incorporate or create your corporate design, plus what image considerations are important for you. Also plan for a variety of traffic sources.

E = Execute
Nothing else but hard work here. Building according to plan and improve with new ideas that grow along the way. Once the website is done online work should not stop, updating and adding new content should be a constant process.

C = Control
Its important to check your statistics, see where traffic comes from, what search words lead to your page and if they are represented by what you sell there. Control if your SE strategy works and how to improve.  Analyze trends. This will help to improve the results obtained from your websites and should be an always ongoing process.



Example of a basic package cost for a medium sized corporate website:

Consulting and objective analysis

20 Pages including logo and photographs,
Feedback Form and or Contact Info with Links,
Search Engine Optimization of all pages.

Estimated Cost:
& Programming and setup $2850.-
( Each additional page $ 85.-)
Optional monthly maintenance fee $ 110.-


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